make a portable wifi jammer device

With the coverage of wifi network, we use wifi more and more frequently, and wifi is closely related to our life. We seem to be inseparable from wifi network. We know that there are certain security risks in public wifi. When we connect to public wifi, it is easy to enter phishing websites, which endangers our property. Is there no security problem with wifi in our home? There is no doubt that there are potential pitfalls. Using a wifi jammer can solve this problem to some extent. So how do you make a wifi jammer for yourself?

In connection with the phenomenon, the British government announced yesterday to the BBC that it plans to ban the sale of such devices in the UK. The national trade standards board (NTSB) has asked dealers to take the first step in agreeing to prevent sales of these products. "We are particularly concerned that these phones are being sold online, and no retailer knows who they are selling to. "We encourage them not to sell the phones and the public not to buy them," said Toby Harris, President of the agency. It is clear that the authorities are trying to play the role of cooperation rather than taking drastic measures to take on more political trouble.

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